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Principal's Message

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Warmest greetings from the Greenwood family! 

Greenwood Primary School enjoys a rich history and we are celebrating our 21st anniversary this year. Over the two decades, we have witnessed the growth of the school and celebrated many of its milestones and achievements. It has been my honour and privilege to continue the good work of my predecessor, Ms Cheryl Foo. I would also like to acknowledge the pioneering work of our first two principals, Mr A Sivam Reddy and Mdm Foo Mui Chuw who have laid firm foundations. The successes of the school could only be possible because of the dedicated leaders and mission-centred staff in Greenwood Primary as well as the strong support of our School Advisory Committee, parents, partners and the community.

Our school is like a home to both our staff and students - a place where we learn and grow together. Indeed, this idea of learning and growth is aptly captured in the young shoot in our school crest that represents the continual growth of the school community through learning together. In line with Learn for Life, we believe that every child can learn.  In Greenwood, we hope to develop and grow our students holistically by creating engaging and joyful everyday learning experiences, both within and beyond the classrooms. 

A young shoot starts as a seed, analogous to every child who passes through the portals of Greenwood Primary. Like a seed that requires a conducive environment and essential conditions to grow, every child would need the care, support and encouragement to grow and thrive. With the right conditions, a seed will grow into a young shoot, and eventually into a plant or tree that will bear fruit.  Likewise, it is our desire that our children will grow in character, knowledge and wisdom. Together with my team, we aspire to provide the right conditions and learning environment to teach, guide and nurture our students to be motivated learnerscritical thinkers and leaders of character who exemplify our school's WEGR2Ow values of wisdom, empathy, graciousness, resilience, responsibility and open-mindedness.

I look forward to partnering you to bring out the best in our children as we prepare them to navigate the future with confidence, grit and wisdom.

Guidance to Wisdom

Partnering you in education,

Mrs Tricilia Chua