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School Mascot


The idea of having a school’s mascot was conceptualized in late 2003. Greenwood Primary was looking for an entity which the school could associate it with and is synonymous to. Since the owl is part of Greenwood’s logo, the idea of an owl mascot was mooted.

There was an art competition held for pupils to come up with the best owl concept. The selection went through several processes and finally the owl drafted by Casmelin Nah was turned into an owl beanie.

The owl mascot was sent in for ‘reproduction’ in time for the Greenwood’s Official Opening on 22nd May, 2004 .


As part of the school’s socio-enterprising initiative, the owl mascot was also put on sale. Priced at $10 per owl, a dollar would be donated to school’s pocket money fund. This is to encourage public as well as students alike the spirit of graciousness and giving. The school pocket money fund is used to help Greenwood’s needy pupils.

Sale of the mascot is still open for students and public. Any interested parties may approach school admin to get a hold of the cute and lovable owl beanie