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Competent and confident users of the English Language



To provide a strong foundation and rich language environment for pupils through fun and meaningful programmes and activities




STAR Reading Programme

In line with the 2010 EL Syllabus, Greenwood Primary School began on a systematic reading programme to develop pupils’ comprehension skills and a passion for reading. The Super Thinker, Active Reader guided reading programme is targeted at the lower primary pupils. Through the guided reading programme, parents are roped to read with their children.

The programme aims to

·         Enable pupils to have a good foundation in reading

·         Inspire, educate and develop in pupils all skills necessary to read fluently

·         Develop a passion for reading as pupils read material suited to their reading level


Star Reading Programme


English Language Fiesta

The English Language Fiesta fortnight is an annual event in Greenwood Primary School All pupils participate in the respective English Language Fiesta activities for their level.

The programme aims to:

·         Provide pupils with a fun and engaging environment in the learning of the English Language.

·         Arouse pupils’ interest in English Language through fun, engaging activities that are beyond the prescribed syllabus.

·         Provide pupils a platform to showcase their English Language oral skills.


English Langage Fiesta


EL Buzz

To foster a love for the language beyond the classroom, booths for pupils to play games related to English and attempt quizzes tailored for their age are set up during recess.

Through these booths, pupils get to experience and extend their learning of the English language in a fun and engaging way.