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Health Education

Dental Hygiene Talk & Toothbrushing Sessions for Primary One and Two

As part of our efforts to promote good toothbrushing habits among the pupils, a dental hygiene talk was conducted for the Primary 1 pupils. In conjunction with the talk, toothbrushing sessions were conducted for the pupils. The school dental therapist was also on hand to demonstrate the proper way to brush the teeth. Similarly, toothbrushing sessions were also conducted for the Primary Two pupils. This served as a reminder for the pupils as to how to brush their teeth in the correct manner.


Gum Diseases Prevention Talk & Flossing Sessions for Primary Five

For the Primary 5 pupils, the school dental therapist conducted a Gum Diseases Prevention Talk as part of the continual efforts to promote good dental care. Proper flossing techniques were also taught.


Managing Change & Transition Programme for Primary Six

To help the Primary 6 pupils cope with the transition to Secondary school, the department organizes the Managing Change & Transition Programme after PSLE. The programme aims to equip the pupils with the necessary skills to manage their relationships with people around them and also how to cope with potential issues.