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Information and Communications Technology (ICT)


Achieving excellence through an ICT enriched environment.  



To nurture a community of responsible ICT users who embrace self-directed and collaborative learning.   




Home-based Learning

The Home-based Learning is an annual exercise conducted for all levels of pupils. This exercise is conducted to prepare pupils to learn on their own at home or anywhere out of school. Learning materials are either prepared by the teachers or selected from the portal and assigned to pupils. Pupils complete their assignments and hand them in to their teacher online.

ICT Baseline Lessons

ICT Baseline Lessons are introduced at each level to equip all pupils with the ICT baseline skills.

P1: Introduction to Computers and Touch Typing in Microsoft Word

P2: Basic Microsoft PowerPoint

P3: Advance Microsoft PowerPoint

P4: Microsoft ExCel

P5: Video Editing

P6: Digital Art (Integrated with Art Curriculum)



Cyberwellness Programme

Knowing that the pupils are digital natives and are much at home with the different types of technologies and social media, Greenwood has also placed emphasis on a cyberwellness programme to guide our pupils to protect themselves in the cyber world as well as to be responsible users of these technologies. Each level picks up a cyber wellness principle and by the end of their primary education, all pupils of Greenwood would be equipped with all six cyber wellness principles as specified by MOE. Cyberweek activities, such as booths and assembly programmes, are specially planned by the teachers and cyber wellness ambassadors to bring about an awareness of these principles to the pupils.  The cyberwellness messages are also infused into CareIN lessons, where pupils get to learn more about the cyber wellness principle for their level and to participate in discussion with their counterparts.