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Project Work (PW)


To promote critical and creative thinking in our pupils through authentic life experiences. 



To develop a community of motivated learners through a rich learning curriculum that prepares them for lifelong learning and the challenges ahead.






Two weeks were designated for Project Work which will involve all P1 to P5 pupils. Each level will be assigned 1 unique theme with 2 scenarios.  Pupils, in groups of 5-6, are to work collaboratively on 1 of the 3 tasks (Experiment/ Research/ Design & Invent) designed based on the given scenario. Pupils are encouraged to use the thinking skills and ICT skills while working on their project work.



Thinking Systems


Micro skills

ICT Baseline skills

Primary  1

·        6 Thinking Hats

·        5 Whys

·        Fishbone Diagram

·        PDCA Cycle

·         Brainstorming

·         Criteria Setting

·         Decision Making

·         Evaluation         

MS Words

Primary  2

MS Powerpoint

Primary  3

MS Powerpoint

Primary  4

MS Excel

Primary  5

·      Design Thinking

Video Editing