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Confident Thinkers, Competent and Excellent Problem Solvers



To instil in pupils the love for Mathematics and to help them attain a level of mastery in problem-solving skills which will serve them well in life.




Math Heuristic using STARStrategy to problem-solving

S tudy the Problem

T hink of a Plan

A ct on the Plan

R eflect on the Solution


This structured strategy to problem-solving (adapted from Polya’s Four-step Model) is incorporated in the Heuristic Packages for each level. The aims are to enable pupils to apply concepts and skills that they have learnt, develop cognitive and metacognitive skills and improve their confidence in solving mathematics problems.


To ensure the relevancy and purpose of STAR strategy, the school carried out action researches and shared the research results on both national and cluster platforms, MOE ExCEL Fest and North Zone Community of Practice Symposium.







Enrichment and support sessions:

—  Maths Olympiad (top 5% of P5 to P6)

—  LSM (P1 & P2)

—  ICAN (Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy)

—  * AC 2 ESprogramme (P3 – P5)

—  * AC 2 ES programme (P6)

- AC 2 ES Primary 6 low progress mainstream

- AC 2 ES Primary 6 low progress foundation pupils

—  P 4 (Pre-PSLE Preparatory Programme)


* Mindset to Aspire to be Confident, Competent and Excellent problem-Solvers


Model Drawing and Heuristic Workshops for Parents

These workshops are organized with the purpose of meeting the needs of parents in developing of problem-solving skills of their child. Through these workshops, the school works in partnership with parents to equip them with different heuristic strategies that they can adopt to engage their child in problem-solving at home.