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A community of passionate Chinese Language learners who have the global mindset and yet stay rooted in our homeland



To build a conducive learning environment for the teaching and learning of Chinese Language that brings out the maximum potential of our learners.



A)  Cognitive

ØWriting Package (P1-P6)

ØComprehension Package (P1-P6)

ØOral Package (P3-P6)

ØReading Programmes in conjunction with MRL


B)  Enrichment

ØMTL Fortnight activities

ØLanguage and Cultural Learning Journeys


C)  Competitions

ØInter-class competitions (school-based)

ØExternal (Custer/National)


D)  Workshops for parents

ØP1 Parents Reading Workshop

ØP3/P4 Oral Preparation Workshop for parents


E)  New Initiatives

ØLiterature Appreciation (P1-P6)


F)  Celebrations

ØChinese New Year

ØMoonlight Fantasy


P1 Parents Reading Workshop

The P1 Parents Reading Workshop was conducted at the beginning of the school term. Led by Mdm Goh, our Head of Department for MTL, the workshop provided an overview of how reading can help to improve a child’s linguistic skills as well as the bonding between parent and child. Reading strategies which can be applied at home to support learning are also shared by the various Chinese Language teachers. The workshop was very well-attended and many of the parents found the hands-on activities such as creating picture books, interactive and fun.

Mother Tongue Fortnight activities

Every year, Chinese Language department organizes the Mother Tongue Fortnight, which aims at promoting the learning of Chinese through engaging pupils in fun activities. Over a period of two weeks, there will be a series of activities such as P1 and P2 Interclass Singing of Nursery Rhyme and Folks Songs Competition, P3 Creative Word Processing Workshop, P4 Cultural Camp, P5 and P6 Interclass Writing and Quiz Competition. These activities provide interactive learning opportunities, which serve to stimulate the interest for Chinese Culture Learning as well as to create vibrancy for the learning of the Chinese Language.

Moonlight Fantasy

In Greenwood Primary School, we emphasize greatly on the importance of racial harmony and therefore cultural awareness between different ethnic groups play a big part towards achieving this target. Moonlight Fantasy is a platform whereby pupils will be exposed to the culture beliefs of the Chinese, which will bring about greater understanding of the diverse cultures for other races. Besides that, by encouraging parents’ participation, it is also a good platform to promote family bonding among our Greenwood family. 

Other than performances such as Sing and Dance, Rope Skipping etc., booths with fun-filled activities such as Lanterns Riddles, Mooncake & Tea sampling, Spray Art, Mooncake clay making were also set up in the canteen let pupils and parents to participate. By the end of the event, everybody will leave the school’s compound with fond memories at heart.

Creative Writing Workshops for pupils

Selected P3, P4 and P6 pupils will attend creative writing workshops during the school terms. The aim of these workshops is to sharpen our pupils’ writing skills and arouse their interest in writing composition. During the lessons, pupils will be taught on how to develop the content creatively and to express their thoughts clearly and effectively.