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Pupil Development

Department Mission

To nurture responsible citizens of sound character.



The school strongly believes that a sound character is essential for pupils to realise their true potential. The department aims to instill good values and build the pupils’ social emotional competencies through the various school programmes. The Character and Citzenry Framework guides the department in creating programmes that will help mould the character of the pupils.


Key Programmes

1.      CareIN

CareIN is a programme developed by the school to instil the school values and build the SEL competencies in pupils. Through this programme, the school, reaches out to pupils through talks, assembly programmes and classroom activities. Each month is dedicated to a school value and during the month, the classroom activities and assembly talks aim to drive the importance of the value and what it entails.


2.      Student Leadership

Leadership opportunities are created for pupils so as to develop their leadership potential. All pupils are given an opportunity to be in a leadership role and leadership training is provided for these pupils. Pupils with good leadership qualities are appointed as Prefects and their leadership potential is stretched further through service learning. The Prefects also undergo modular training to increase their competency levels.

Student_Leadership1 Student_Leadership2

3.      Community Involvement Programme (CIP)

CIP provides the pupils with an opportunity to contribute to society. Through the structured CIP, pupils learn how to be responsible citizens as the activities increase their social awareness.