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Commemoration of Total Defence Day 2009


Assembly talk conducted by NESSteacher to highlight the significance of Total Defence Day.


This year our school commemorated Total Defence Day on 11 February to mark Singapore's fall to the Japanese in 15 February 1942. Total Defence Day serves to remind everyone that Singapore is defensible and is worth defending, that we ourselves must defend Singapore, that everyone can play a part in Total Defence.


With the Total Defence tagline and theme “What will you Defend?” our NESS teachers, Mdm Junainah and Mdm June Tan gave a presentation on the significance of Total Defence Day during the assembly programme. An In-Place Protection (IPP) video was also shown to the pupils to prepare them for the IPP emergency exercise.


A video entitled “What Will You Defend?” was recorded by our own NESS ambassadors, Nur Eka Hazirah, Yeo Chiat Kit and Celine Sim from 5B lead by Mdm Junainah was shown as well. The NESS ambassadors interviewed our school leaders, several teachers, pupils and canteen vendors on their input as to what they will defend.


Total Defence Day skit by encoreshowstation Pte Ltd on the 5 pillars of Total Defence


A skit showcasing the significance of 5 pillars of Total Defence was performed by ‘encoreshowstation PteLtd’.Our pupils enjoyed the show very much as it was educational and entertaining. They have learnt how the 5 pillars of Total Defence are all as equally important in defending Singapore.


Pupils in action during the In-Place Protection emergency exercise.


A school emergency exercise was conducted after the assembly programme for the upper level. Siren and announcement were made over the public announcement system for the In-Place Protection exercise (IPP). The classrooms were out of power for about ten minutes and pupils carried out the IPP activity for the first time. After power restoration, teachers elicited from pupils that emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere so they must be ready and be prepared to handle such situations. Pupils then pen down their reflections on their IPP activity.


Our pupils and teachers had a wonderful and fruitful learning experience on Total Defence. We hope to carry out the IPP exercise at a larger scale next year.