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The Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

The Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Overview of Greenwood PAL Programme


We Build Community


To enable our pupils to face the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities of the future by developing pupils’ critical and inventive thinking where they can apply the various thinking skills and systems to derive alternative solutions and perspectives and relate to real-life problems.



Critical and inventive thinking skills that one acquires when young will ultimately determine ones level of success in the future. The school believes that early exposure to thinking dispositions and values-based inquiry would groom our pupils to be lifelong learners and prepare them for greater goals in their lives.



1        Pupils to exhibit confidence in what they do & express themselves effectively.

2        Exhibit curiosity and positive attitude to learn.

3        Enjoy group experiences & teamwork.


Domains of PAL

•       Outdoor Education

•       Performing Arts

•       Sports & Games

•       Visual Arts



We build communities through:


1)      Creating meaningful experiences for my family and friends (P1).


2)      Making a difference for my family and friends (P2)


P1: Me and My Family

P2: Me and My Friends