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HDB Project

Project Title:

We Care, We Share


Greenwood Primary School

Team Name:



Team Members:

1. Muhammad Imran B Abrahim

2. Nur Ruhana Nishan

3. Poh Qiao Hui, Stefanie

4. Madhumitha D/O Jeeva Jothi

5. Muhammad Nur Shukran Bin S M Azhar


Project Highlights:

Our project, “We Care, We Share”, aims to create opportunities for neighbours to get to know the people living in or around their neighbourhood through meaningful activities such as sharing of books, creating a photo collage of the donors and recipients and playing traditional games.

In the book donation drive, a personal message which tells the recipient more about the donor as well as his/her thoughts and/or memories of the book will be attached to it. The recipient may also return his/her personal message to the donor as a form of gratitude and communication between the both of them.

The project hopes to be the spark that gets neighbours to know more about the people living around them and increase their level of interaction through meaningful activities that promote the love for reading, showing care for the environment and sharing fond memories through the traditional games played by Singaporeans.


Inspiration for Project:

Our team was discussing in the library and all of us had different ideas and themes that had their own unique strengths. However, all of our ideas had their fair-share of concern – is it alig

ned to the

theme on good neighbourliness? What if the weather turns bad? What if no one signs up?

Our school’s library was writing off condemned books during that period and we had boxes of them kept in a room. Then, an idea came to mind where we would try to make full use of these books in engaging our participants and to promote the culture of reading as well.

Tapping on last year’s Good Neighbour Project, we decided to include traditional games, which is also the in line with this year’s theme of SG50, to make the project more fun and engaging.