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Media Coverage

·      Have Schools Gone Soft? (14 Jan 2019)
               Tiny Turtles and Ghost Net Radio Interview FM 95.8 – 9 Jun 2017
·         French Media (TF1) Documentary featuring Greenwood Primary School.
The feature was broadcast on Sunday 28 May, presenting a succinct and accurate picture of the learning and teaching environment in Singapore. It positively conveyed the education system’s approach using practical methods of teaching, and the emphasis by our teachers/educators on continuous learning and constant improvement through peer assessments and study visits abroad to glean good practices from other systems. (Please click link below to view the documentary)

Singapour des ecoles en tete des classements planetaires 2053525.html

·         More interaction, Technology for mother tongue classes (the newpaper May 27, 2017)

·         Speak Mandarin Campaign – 4 Jun 2017 (Minster Ng Chee Meng featured at his facebook page)


·         A new Generation of Problem Solvers (Schoolbag Publication 5 May 2017)


·         Faktor kesihatan tidakhalang murid raih keputusan baik (Berita Harian, Nov 25, 2016)

·         He doesn’t use kidneycondition as excuse not to do things  (The Straits Times, Nov 25, 2016)

·         患肾脏病没被击倒,积极向上成模范学生(联合晚报 Nov 24, 2016

·         CivilianWar Memorial (The Straits Times, 16 Feb, 2016)

·         273students in Sembawang received Edusave awards (The Straits Times, Jan 4, 2016)

·         Hayati sejarah dimuzium terbaru (Berita Harian, Nov 24, 2015)

·         我和邻居是朋友(大拇指第21期,2015)

·         Fishing forneighbourhood ties (The Straits Times, Jul 1, 2014)

·         Getting along throughbooks  (The Straits Times, May 5, 2015)