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In line with providing our students with a holistic school experience across the moral, cognitive, social-emotional, physical and aesthetics domains, the school will be commencing Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) for  our students.

As CCA plays an important part in your child/ward’s overall development,  we hope to have your continued support in ensuring that child/ward attends CCA on the dates stated in the attached document

Please do note that in view of the Safe Management Measures the school has put in the following SMM Arrangement in  place for student well-being:

·         Primary 4 students will be having their CCAs on Fridays and their lunch from 1.15p.m. to 1.45p.m.

·         Primary 5 students will be having their CCAs on Tuesdays and their lunch from 1p.m. to 1.30p.m.

·         Primary 6 students will be having their CCAs on Tuesdays and their lunch from 1.30p.m. to 2p.m.

Greenwood Primary School
CCA Deployment 2021
No CCA   Teachers in charge
1 Rope Skipping 1st in charge  Yii Chu Sing Michael (Mr)
  2nd in charge Tan Teck Lee (Mr)

Low Pei Qi (Ms)
  Chua Keng Fang  (Ms)
2 Basketball 1st in charge   Tham Yoke Kuan Joyce (Mdm)
 2nd in charge  Daniel Ng Jun De (Mr)
  Sakinah (mdm)
3 Contact Rugby (Boys)  1st in charge   Teo Peng Koon (Mr)  
 2nd in charge  Mohamed Sha'Ban B Mohd Rapiai (Mr)
  Mohamed Sahar Ismail (Mr)
  David Tan (Mr)
4 Athletics
(Track & Field)
 1st in charge    Mohamed Noor B Ibrahim (Mr)
2nd in charge   Wong Li Peng (Mdm)
  Siti Sarah Bte Ahmad (Miss)
5 Volleyball  1st in charge     Lim Kwang Seng (Mr)
2nd in charge   Li Qin Fang (MIss)
  Lin Jiaying (Ms)
6 Chinese Dance 1st in charge      Lim Poh Ling (Mdm)
2nd in charge   Teo Hui Lee (Mdm)
   Huang Yanling (Mdm)
   Ow Chung Fah (Ms)
7 Chinese Drums 1st in charge Phillida Rabini (Mdm)
2nd in charge   Li Liu (Mdm)
  Sarah Tan (Mrs)
8 Malay Dance  1st in charge Siti Fadiah Bte Ramdan (Mdm)
2nd in charge Rosnani Bte Mohd Hussein (Mdm) 
  Woo Wai Yin (Mdm)
  Putri Liyana Megat Mohd (Ms)
9 Indian Dance  1st in charge  Sagaymarie d/o Savarimuthu (Mdm)
  2nd in charge Siti Alifah Bte Mod Talib (Mdm)
  Noor Shazarratul Aini Bte Abdul Aziz (Ms)
10 Choir  1st in charge  Yap Siok Hwei (Mdm)
2nd in charge  Ng Lay Ling Rebecca (Mdm)
  Jocelyn Beh (Mdm)
   Siti Norhaidahwati Bte Noor (Mdm)
11 Angklung
(Ensemble Angklung/ Kulintang)
1st in charge  Tan Yan San (Mdm)*
2nd in charge  Goh Mei Chen (Mdm)**
  Nur Sussilawati Md Hasshim (Ms)
  Elizabeth Chew Sau Leng (Mdm) 
12 String Ensemble 1st in charge  Noraini Bte Nanyan (Mdm)*
 2nd in charge Leo Dan Dan (Mdm)**
  Siti Sarah Bte Mohamad Saleh (Mdm)
  Toh Su Wei Jacqueline (Mdm) 
13 Art Club
(Art & Craft Club)
1st in charge   Azreenah Binte Kamit (Mdm) 
 2nd in charge Teh Sui Ching Lesley (Mdm)
  Nur Rahayu (Ms)
14 English Language,  Drama and Debating
(BLISS Club)
1st in charge Banun Bte Mohamed (Mdm)
2nd in charge Dong Yinong (Ms)
  Shaalini Gejendhiran (Ms)
  Serene Poh (Mdm)
15 Environmental Science
1st in charge  Satwant Kaur (Mdm) / Mrs Mohan    
 2nd in charge Jasmine Lim Ching Mei (Ms)
  Tan Mui Li
16 Infocomm Technology
 (Media Production)
 1st in charge Lee Choong Yong Mervyn (Mr)
 2nd in charge Siti Noraisha Bte Sanusi (Mdm)
  Tay Seng How (Mr)
17 Scouts 1st in charge Wee May Joan Frances (Mdm) /Mrs Loh
2nd in charge Nur'ain Bte Rahim (Ms)
  Ang Wee Jin (Mr)
  Mohamed Mahathir Bin Kusnong (Mr)
18 Brownies 1st in charge Wan Norzilah (Mdm)
2nd in charge Nazeera  Binte Sulaimi (Ms)
  Cynthia Ang Xin Wei (Miss)
  Nur Adilah Binte Khamsani (Ms)