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Event Calendar

2015 Event Calendar

GWPS PSG welcomes you to be a part of us! Come join us in our events and play a significant role in your child’s development by helping to create an interesting and engaging environment for your child to learn!

Academic Year 2015




·         2&5-Jan: 2015 P1 Orientation Recess Duty


·         7-Feb: CNY Shopping Trip

·         12-Feb: Upper Primary Sports Day

·         18-Apr: PSG Coffee Talk

*School Holiday: 14-22 March




·         Parent/Child Bonding Zumba Sessions (Weekly)


·         Date TBC: PSG Activity Day

·         Parent/Child Bonding Zumba Sessions (Weekly)


·         Date TBC: PSG Factory Tour

·         Parent/Child Bonding Zumba Sessions (Weekly)

*School Holiday: 30-May – 28-June




·         Date TBC:PSG Coffee Talk

·         Parent/Child Bonding Zumba Sessions (Weekly)

·         Dates TBC: Teachers’ Day Celebration Trainings / Rehearsal

·         Parent/Child Bonding Zumba Sessions (Weekly)


·         3-Sep: Teachers’ Day Celebration Concert

·         Date TBC: Moonlight Fantasy

·         Parent/Child Bonding Zumba Sessions (Weekly)

*School Holiday: 5-13 September




·         Parent/Child Bonding Zumba Sessions (Weekly)


·         Date TBC: PSG Textbook Recycling Day

·         Date TBC: Annual Prize Presentation Ceremony

·         Parent/Child Bonding Zumba Sessions (Weekly)

*School Holiday: 21-November - 31 December

·         Date TBC: 2015 PSG Appreciation Lunch/Dinner

*School Holiday: 21-November - 31 December


We welcome you to join us in the events! Register now! Link to Registration Form)

If you wish to know more details, do contact our friendly PSG members .

Date TBC – To be Confirmed

Past Events




7 February 2015

CNY Shopping Trip

On 7 Feb 2015, PSG team started the new year’s activities by heading off with a group of parents and teachers to Woodlands Loop and Woodlands Terrace for our annual CNY Shopping Trip! The participants had a great time food tasting and seeking out great bargains for the festive season at the various food outlets.


2 & 5 January 2015

2015 P1 Recess Duty

PSG participated in the P1 Orientation Day for Recess Duty for first 2 days of the school year to help maintain order of students at the school canteen.                 


8 November 2014

2015 P1 Registration Day

PSG members provided assistance in the classrooms during the P1 Registration Day and helped in the recruitment drive for new PSG members.


15 November 2014

PSG Appreciation Lunch

GWPS PSG had our Thank-You Lunch on 15 November 2014 as an appreciation for the PSG Ex-Co members for their efforts put in during the year!


13 September 2014

Annual Prize Presentation Ceremony

The school showed appreciation to the PSG team by presenting awards to the parent volunteers for our effort in 2014.


4 September 2014

Teachers’ Day Concert

This year, PSG team had lots of fun planning and organizing the Teachers’ Day Concert and it was a successful joint effort by PSG and the teachers-in-charge! Dedication cards were collected from the students and displayed at the foyer to show appreciation to their teachers.

We conducted auditions for the performers, hosted the concert, doubled up as the “Hair and Make-Up Crew” and coordinated the various show segments during rehearsals and on the actual day!


25 June 2014

Learning Journey to ACM

On 25th June 2014, PSG together with other parent volunteers assisted in the trial run at ACM—Asian Civilization Museum. It was a very educational journey and we got to understand and experience the history of Asia!


22 February 2014

Get-Together session and Coffee Talk

During our GWPS Get-Together and Coffee Talk on 22nd February 2014, Mdm Rachael Yeo shared with a large group of parent participants the different styles of parenting. The parents participated actively during the group discussions. We had the session over yummy cakes and coffee!


14 February 2014

Upper Primary Sports Day

14th February 2014 marked the school sports day for our upper primary students. PSG members render their logistic support that contributes to the success of the event. In the event, parents were encouraged to take part in the Parents and Teachers race which everyone put in their best to win the race.