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Team and Objectives

Our Team

Ø  The GWPS Parent Support Group was formed in the year 2000 (the first year of the school) and has been actively involved in various school activities.


Ø  Greenwood PSG Team is also known as BRIDGE, we act as a link and help foster positive relationships between parents and our school.


Ø  The PSG committee members are parents and care-givers of our pupils from different levels who volunteered their services for school projects or activities.


Ø  The committee currently has about 12 active members of different ethnic groups. The team works together to make each and every assigned school project a success. 


School Principal

Ms Cheryl Foo


Vice Principal

 Mr Shah Jahan

 Mr Chay Yuen Heng


Mdm Linda Goh

 Mrs Sharon Teo


Executive Committee

Mdm Sharon Wong

Mdm Nicole Lau

Mdm Nor'Aida

Mdm Karen Yeo

Mdm Nagalakshimi

Mdm Sandy Chong

Mdm Halimatuss'adiah

Mdm Patricia Tan

Mdm Ina Salinah


PSG Members




Our Vision

Collaborative Parents contribute to vibrant School Community

Our Mission

To create a collaborative culture among parents and school to support the child’s learning and development.

Our Objective

Ø  The objective of the PSG is to reach out to parents and invite them to assist in the school activities to provide a holistic education for the pupils.


Ø  PSG members helped out and participate in various school activities with our children, like Reading Mum programme, Buddy reading, Play @ Recess, Library duty, Girls’ Club, learning journeys, Upper and Lower Primary Sports Day, Teachers Day Concert and many more.


Ø  The PSG also organize workshops for parents such as parental talks, Chinese New Year Shopping Trip and Year-End gathering to engage parents and provide platforms for parents to communicate and build good relationships. ..