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Annual Sports Day 2019

The 18th GWPS Sports Day was held on the 15th of March at Woodlands Stadium. The events were divided between the upper primary and lower primary.  The lower primary events pitted classes against each other over 6 different novelty races. Some required the dribbling of a ball and some the simple swivelling between cones. After the pupils’ races, the school got parents to participate in a parent child race to promote bonding betweent them. The race featured some of our students’ parents teaming up with them to race against other parent-child groups. The upper primary events featured runners who were selected by their House Teachers after rounds of trial competing for the coveted title of House Champion 2019. The purple house were the previous year’s champions and the other houses looked ready to topple them from their pedestal.
The upper primary events finished and there was a cheer competition in the middle to determine who the overall house champions were. Finally at the end of the day, the Purple House once again edging out all competition to win the House Championship trophy for the 3rd year running!