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OWLets 2019

Celebrating OWLETS The acronym OWLETS refers to ‘Celebrating Our Will to Lead, Excel and Together, Serve’ and it is one of the highlights of Greenwood Primary School’s Programmes with five objectives in mind:
 ·         To allow Primary 4 pupils to demonstrate social entrepreneurship.
 ·         To showcase the many talents of our pupils.
 ·         To allow pupils to take ownership of the design of their booths.
 ·         To raise funds for a charitable cause.
 ·         To get pupils to work in teams in achieving a common goal.

 Project Work provides pupils with opportunities to demonstrate social entrepreneurship as they head towards their goal of raising funds for a charity. Pupils benefit greatly from the experiences they go through in making Celebrating OWLETS a great success. We look forward to the next Celebrating OWLETS!