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P2 Learning Journey to Indian Heritage Centre

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles in Singapore, pupils learnt more about the evolution of Singapore. Singapore has transformed over time. She adapts and evolves. Present-day Singapore is intricately tied with the coming of the Indians to Singapore, and their contributions towards the growth of Singapore in becoming a modern nation. On 14 March 2019, the Primary 2 pupils embarked on a learning journey to the Indian Heritage Centre. Pupils collaborated and learnt through experiential learning. 

Pupils were able to: ·         
  • List a few jobs that the Indians took on in early Singapore.
  • Identify some cultural practices that the community brought over to Singapore to blend in with the multi-cultural society ·  
  • Identify how some Indian communities (Chettiars) integrated the local cultures with the Indian cultures.

Waiting patiently to visit the museum. Everyone is feeling excited!

Learning the Indian culture through role playing.