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Principal's Message

Ms Cheryl Foo


Today, Greenwood Primary is about 1400 pupils strong and has attained good levels of accomplishments for a school that is only 18 years old. We must acknowledge the work done by the previous school leaders, Mr A Sivam Reddy and Mdm Foo Mui Chuw in taking the school thus far. They have been supported by the pioneering batches of school staff who have shown determination in wanting to make Greenwood a choice school.


I would like to carry on the good work of the pioneering principals and staff. We are now in the next lap of the school's development. We need to have a clearer sense of what we want to achieve for our pupils and school and to do so, we would begin with the understanding of the strengths and aspirations of our staff and pupils.


‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit’ – Aristotle. Thus, in working towards providing a well-rounded education for our pupils, we would develop our staff to rediscover, renew and reinvent teaching and learning so that they can better enhance the learning of our pupils through differentiated approaches. The programmes that we customise and design for our pupils must meet the pupils' needs and take them to a higher plane where pupils learn with an inquiring mind and are prepared with an innovative mind-set for the 21st century.


This mission can only be achieved if we have the support of our community and stakeholders. I believe that parents and the community will come forward and support us in this worthy endeavour.