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School Niche (ALP)

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

BLISS - Bilingual Literature ApprecIation Student Series


Aligning to the GWPS vision of nurturing pupils to be Motivated Learners, Critical Thinkers and Leaders of Character, and mission of nurturing individuals to be lifelong learners, we have designed a literature appreciation curriculum for our pupils, BLISS (Bilingual Literature ApprecIation Student Series). Our Primary 1 to Primary 6 pupils have been introduced to Socratic Questioning and Philosophy for Children(P4C) to develop 21st century skills such as inventive and critical thinking, collaboration, communication and information skills and also construct meaning and opinions relating to the real world.

GWPS has observed that through Socratic Questioning and Philosophy for Children (P4C), our pupils have been able to relate children literature to our school values namely, Wise, Enterprising, Gracious, Responsible, Resilient and Open. In addition, pupils have been applying reasoning and argumentative skills to construct meaning and opinions linking these to societal concerns in the real world.

The BLISS curriculum runs from Term 1 to Term 3.  In the delivery of the lessons, teachers use thinking routines to facilitate discussion based on carefully chosen texts or books. Teachers also use Socratic Questioning and P4C alongside the thinking routines to stimulate pupils thinking, enabling them to see things from different perspectives, evaluate the information and thoughts, and lead them to reflect about their thinking.


English Language


                            Sharing of Perspectives                                                                            Explaining  Their Stand Through P4C

Chinese Language

                                                            Self exploration Using Augmented Reality App                                                           Sharing of Concerns   

                                Crafting Big Questions                                                                                 Sharing of Perspectives

Values in the Woods (Cycle 2) - Pupils' creation after ALP BLISS lessons

                P3 Wise_Chinese                                               P3 Wise_Malay                                                       P3 Wise_Tamil  

            P6 Resilient_Chinese                                            P6 Resilient_Malay                                               P6 Resilient_Tamil

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