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School Rules

The school rules apply not only within the school premises, but at all school functions held outside the school. When wearing the school uniform outside school premises, all rules pertaining to the uniform, personal appearance and personal conduct must be strictly adhered to.



Pupils who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge.

Pupils will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart. The National Anthem, Pledge and School Song are sung/ recited at attention in standing position.



1.            When in school, pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Modification to the uniform is not allowed.              


2.            Pupils should wear only low cut white shoes and white socks. Socks should not be more than four fingers above the ankle. Pupils are not allowed to wear ankle socks



3.            Pupils should be in prescribed P.E. attire for physical education lessons.

3.1   Lower primary pupils (i.e. P1-P2) are allowed to be in P.E. attire on PE days.

3.2   P3 to P6 pupils who have physical education lessons before recess can report to school in their P.E. attire and they are required to change back into the school uniform after recess. The pupils are to report to school in school uniform and change into P.E. attire if the physical education lesson is after recess. 



5.            Pouches and plastic cardholders worn round the neck are not allowed, for safety reasons.

6.            The use of trolley bags is discouraged, as they are heavier than normal bags.


1.            A neat and clean appearance is expected of all pupils. Male pupils must be clean-shaven and no facial hair is allowed

  Boys:     Short and neatly combed hair.
                Hair is considered long if it touches the collar, ears or eyebrows.
                Hair should not be combed upwards with gel. Long sideburns are not allowed.

 Appearance_1           Appearance_2

Girls:           Neatly combed. If hair is long (i.e. touches the collar), it must be tied up or plaited.          
Only black coloured hair accessories are allowed. Girls are not allowed to use hairnets as hair accessories.

 Appearance_3            Appearance_4

2.            Pupils are discouraged from following fashion trends. Pupils are also not allowed to highlight their hair.

3.            Girls are allowed to wear only one pair of ear rings or studs. No dangling earrings are allowed.

4.            Pupils are not allowed to wear coloured contact lenses.


1. Punctuality

Pupils must be in the assembly area by 7.30 am.

2. Absence

 2.1    Pupils who are unwell are required to produce a valid medical certificate covering their duration of absence from school.
2.2    The school will only accept a maximum of six letters per year from parents/guardians explaining the absence of their child/ward.
2.3    Pupil’s absence from school without a valid medical certificate ate of reason constitutes truancy and is classified as a serious office in the MOE School Offences Module.
2.4    A pupil is unwell or is unable to attend school during the examinations, a medical certificate supporting his/her absence must be submitted. 
2.5    Pupils are not allowed to leave the school without permission from the subject teacher and before signing out at the General Office during school 

3. Restricted Items

3.1    All pupils are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

3.2    Pupils are not allowed to use mobile phones in school. If pupils are caught using mobile phones in school, it will be confiscated

3.3    Pupils are not allowed to bring electronic gadgets to school.

4. Restricted Areas

4.1   Pupils may not enter the following places without permission: Teachers’ Centre, HOD Room, Principal’s Office, Vice-Principals’ Offices and Socrates Chamber.

4.2   Pupils may use the following areas only when supervised by a teacher: School hall and Indoor Sports Hall.

4.3   Pupils are not allowed to be in any of the rooms with electronic access without teacher’s supervision.

5. Minor Offences

5.1   Improper physical appearance

5.2   Inappropriate behaviour

5.3   Latecoming

5.4   Not doing homework / classwork / assignments / projects

5.5   Littering

5.6   Disruptive behaviour

A minor offence that is repeated more than 3 times shall be considered as serious.

6. Serious Offences
6.1   Defiance with use of abusive/vulgar language to teachers and friends
6.2   Truancy
6.3   Skipping of classes
6.4   Cheating in test / examinations
6.5   Vandalism
6.6   Stealing
6.7   Smoking
6.8   Bullying / Intimidation
6.9   Misbehaviour in public places
6.10 Assault / Fighting
6.11 Gangsterism

        6.12 Possession of pornographic material
6.13 Possession of weapons
6.14 Substance abuse
6.15 Gambling
        6.16 Abuse of technology
6.17 Forgery

7. Disciplinary Actions

Depending on the severity of each disciplinary case, the following actions may be taken by the school:

7.1   Warning
7.2   Detention
7.3   Other actions (as deemed appropriate by the school)