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Emotional and Social Health

Social Health

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Therefore in Greenwood, we planned wholesome and fun activities for our staff. As part of our culture – We C4ARE in GWP, the Staff Well-being committee members plan activities all year round to look after the social health of our staff so as to create opportunities for bonding and building a strong camaraderie spirit among the staff members.


Clay making workshop (Picture taken before Covid-19)


Terrarium workshop (Picture taken before Covid-19)


A time of fun and game (Picture taken before Covid-19)

Emotional Health

We are able to look after others well when we are well ourselves. In Greenwood Primary, we ensure that our staff are well cared in term of self care. Therefore, the school plans activities to ensure that the staff members have time for themselves to rest and relax so that they have the zeal and zest to move a further distance. At the same time, we rejoice with our staff during their proud moment, recognizing and endorsing their achievement and strengths