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Vision & Mission


The philosophy of the staff development is to look into the well-being of the staff so that they can create a nurturing and caring environment where pupils are happy, confident and possess a sense of pride in what they are accomplishing.


Positive, Reflective, Innovative and Active Contributor to pupils’ development


To build and maximise the capacity of the staff.


We aspire to see that our teachers are :-

·         Teachers have strong subject mastery and are competent in pedagogy.

·         Staff are reflective practitioners

·         Staff takes on greater responsibility

·         Staff collaborates with one another to support innovation for pupils’ development

Staff Well-being

We strive to look after the well-being of our staff holistically by focusing on three main areas of our staff in an effort to provide a conducive environment for our staff. They are physical health, professional health and mental and emotional health. Various activities are organised to engage our staff in all aspects.