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Vision & Mission


The philosophy of the staff development is to look into the well-being of the staff so that they can create a nurturing and caring environment where pupils are happy, confident and possess a sense of pride in what they are accomplishing.


Innovative and reflective curriculum designers leveraging on innovative teaching pedagogies to deepen Teaching and Learning


To build and maximise staff capacity so that they are able to lead and inspire our pupils to be future ready


We aspire for our staff to :- -      
-    Be innovative and reflective curriculum designers who leverage on innovative teaching pedagogies (DICE), questioning techniques and thinking routines to deepen teaching and learning.
-    Foster WE C4ARE in GWPS school culture and POISE learning environment to heighten civic and global awareness

Staff Well-being

We strive to look after the well-being of our staff holistically by focusing on three main areas of our staff in an effort to provide a conducive environment for our staff. They are physical health, professional health and mental and emotional health. Various activities are organised to engage our staff in all aspects.

Our Staff Well-being Framework       



In Greenwood Primary, we recognise that the well-being of our staff members is key to building their capacity and motivating them towards excellence in their profession. In our school’s Staff Well-being Framework, we focus on five essential elements of well-being – SPICE, namely Social, Physical, Intellectual, Community and Emotional.   

 Each Greenwood staff member is like a STAR that illuminates as these five elements are developed and enhanced. The circle that surrounds the star represents a well-rounded and nurturing environment where each staff member is treasured and cared for. The heart at the centre depicts how staff are empowered and enlivened by our Greenwood WE C4ARE culture which encourages all to be actively involved in coaching, continuous learning and innovation to make a difference in themselves, in our students and the larger community.